How many people does the house sleep?

Greenview Paradise features one king bed, one queen bed, one double bed, two bunk beds, and a futon. Guests also have access to 10 cots (additional fee of $25 per cot) and two cribs, upon special request prior to check in. In total the house can sleep 22 people, with the use of cots and cribs.


Is the water safe to drink?

The house has well water, which is safe to drink, but we also have a separate tap on the kitchen sink which is connected to a reverse osmosis filtration system.


Do you have kitchen essentials?

Yes, our kitchen is fully stocked with everything you should need during your stay. From the basics like dishes, cutlery, glasses, coffee mugs and wine glasses, to a blender, crockpot, pots & pans, coffee maker, and baking sheets. Click here for a detailed list of kitchen essentials.


Are visitors allowed?

Yes, visitors are allowed to come see you during the day (in accordance with your rental agreement arranged with your Greenview Paradise Host).


Is it possible to have an early check in?

Dependent on our other bookings, we may be able to accommodate this request. Please note that during high season, we may not be able to confirm an early check in until two days prior to your stay.


How do we get inside the house?

One of our Greenview Paradise Hosts will contact you a few days before your booking to arrange a time to meet at the house to check you in. The Host will also show you around the property, review important information about the house, and provide entry details. If an in-person meeting cannot be arranged, we will provide detailed instructions for a self check in.


Does the house have a security system?

We have a fully secured home and will provide instructions on how to arm/disarm the system.


Are the Hosts available if we need help?

Management is a quick drive down the road, and are always available for a phone call or in-person visit.


Is Greenview Paradise located in the city of Winnipeg?

Yes, we are within the furthest reaches of the city limits, 5 minutes south of the perimeter.


Is food delivery available?

There are a few options for food delivery at Greenview Paradise. Extra delivery fees may apply.


How do I book Greenview Paradise as a wedding venue ?

All events must be approved in advance. To book Greenview Paradise as a wedding (or other event) venue, please contact us directly with event details and preferred booking dates. A Greenview Paradise Host will contact you to discuss your request. Please note that an in-person interview may be required prior to approval. Thank you for understanding.